Blue Eyes marketing
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Digital marketing, strategy and GDPR demystification for small businesses and start-ups

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Are you busy managing your business and satisfying your customers?

Then often you will find that there is not enough time to think about your digital presence or your marketing - not to mention your compliance with new and relevant data protection laws, like GDPR.

Fortunately, there is Blue Eyes. With our relentless focus on strategy and our pursuit to deliver simple, creative online and off line solutions we are here to make a difference to your business.



Blue Eyes approaches your marketing with a relentless focus on quality and structure. Assignments kick off with a clear understanding about the company’s vision, business drivers and definition of success, before working on creative ideas for the future. Are you still struggling with your vision? Don’t worry; we can make this part of the process.


Blue Eyes offers the following marketing services:


Deliver a clear understanding of your brand positioning, your consumer insights, your consumer journey, your competitive position and your value proposition.

Lead generation and lead nurturing
Campaign development and management, marketing automation, lead generation and lead nurturing.

Marketing Intelligence
Gather market knowledge that is structured into reports that encompass trends, developments and implications for your business

Marketing Planning
Build, and, where necessary, improve, the quality of thinking and execution of your marketing plan. Our marketing plans always come with ways to monitor the achievement of our business and marketing objectives.

Content strategy and creation
Build and deploy a content strategy that brings your marketing plan to life, both visually and verbally

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The General Data Protection Regulation went into force on 25th May, 2018.  Are you aware of GDPR, but have you not yet been able to make your business compliant? We can help you from explaining the impact of GDPR on your organisation all the way to acting as your Data Protection Officer.


GDPR & Marketing
The GDPR could affect your data-driven marketing strategy. Blue Eyes is certified to consult on data protection and can help you with training and solutions to integrate GDPR into your organisation.

Data Protection Officer
Do you need a Data Protection Officer, but have nobody in your company who is sufficiently knowledgeable or certified to be designated for the role? We are trained to act as your designated Data protection Officer.



Blue Eyes Marketing is the brainchild of Manja Costermans. She has built her career in large multi-nationals in which she learned to build high quality, consumer centric marketing strategy.

Add to that her blue personality type that is characterised by order, endurance, steadiness and complemented with a passion for creative environments. The Blue Eyes approach to marketing is born!

With almost twenty years of international marketing experience, going from large to small organisations and back, Manja’s passion resided in delivering marketing excellence to smaller companies and start-ups.

Here is what CEO Lab, a Dutch company that helps to patient satisfaction in hospitals, says about working with Manja:

Manja has immersed herself in our company, the people behind the company and the products in no time at all. She knew exactly how to touch the core, enabling us, as her client to formulate a powerful and concrete marketing strategy. Together with her we converted this strategy into concrete actions that have already paid off.

Manja asks the right questions at the right time. She is besides an extremely pleasant person, an inquisitive, skilled and organized professional. She knows how to facilitate the process in a modest way. In our journey to a new marketing strategy, she was able to take our team by the hand in a very natural and pleasant way. We look forward to continue the relationship we have established with Manja.