GDPR and Marketing: Who is winning?

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Marketing and GDPR: Who is winning?

Yesterday evening I attended a panel discussion about the effect of GDPR on Marketing hosted by the The Marketing Institute of Ireland. During this discussion one of the panel members asked: Well, who is winning in this new world of GDPR?

Everyone in the room agreed that private individuals are the biggest winners. After all, GDPR has made it more difficult to use crappy marketing tactics to sell to private individuals.

Another winner that came up were large corporates that have grown though acquisitions of smaller companies with interesting databases. GDPR have provided them with the urgency to clean up their large databases and to make sure their databases are better connected. As a result they are now better equipped to improve their database performance.

But the most interesting winner of all was.... Google! Yes, I mean the Google that is currently in the news because of the Google + data breach. According to a study on the structure and market share of trackers related to advertising services, Google have maintained their market share in online advertising services, while other, smaller online advertisers have lost reach. gives several reasons for Google's win:

  1. Google and other large companies, like Facebook, have had significant resources dedicated to GDPR compliance

  2. Google may have encouraged publishers to reduce their number of AdTech vendors to better manage data privacy related risks

  3. Website owners may have decided to drop the number of advertisers themselves, dropping smaller advertisers that may have difficulty proving compliance

How is the winning mood regarding GDPR and Marketing in your organisation? Do you think you are close to a victory or are you still struggling to make sense? I am working on a white paper to better understand the effect of GDPR on marketing organisations. If you would like to share your experience in a 1-hour interview, then please reach out. Thanks!