Blue Eyes Marketing is the brainchild of Manja Costermans. She has built her career in large multi-nationals in which she learned to build high quality, consumer centric marketing strategy.

Add to that her blue personality type that is characterised by order, endurance, steadiness and complemented with a passion for creative environments. The Blue Eyes approach to marketing is born!

With almost twenty years of international marketing experience, going from large to small organisations and back, Manja’s passion resided in delivering marketing excellence to smaller companies and start-ups.

Here is what CEO Lab, a Dutch software company, says about working with Manja:

Manja has immersed herself in our company, the people behind the company and the products in no time at all. She knew exactly how to touch the core, enabling us, as her client to formulate a powerful and concrete marketing strategy. Together with her we converted this strategy into concrete actions that have already paid off.

Manja asks the right questions at the right time. She is besides an extremely pleasant person, an inquisitive, skilled and organized professional. She knows how to facilitate the process in a modest way. In our journey to a new marketing strategy, she was able to take our team by the hand in a very natural and pleasant way. We look forward to continue the relationship we have established with Manja.